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The Spring Trophy Season was great, with lots of fish in the 40-inch range. Now summer fishing is in full-swing. We are currently catching some nice-sized rockfish (up to 34″). There are quite a few white perch around and I’ve heard of a few bluefish being caught. Call 301-481-1889 now to schedule your private charter and come experience the finest fishing the Mid-Atlantic region has to offer!

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Osprey Cam

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0003Here are some recent fishing pics. A few people have been live-lining, but it’s not consistent just yet. Stay tuned.

Also, check out the ‘Osprey Cam’ page on the right. It’s a real-time view of the osprey nest at the mouth of Back Creek at Solomons Island. Escape from your cube if only virtually!

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Memorial Day

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A couple of days late for Memorial Day, but I wanted to share this with you. I often tell the story of John McMurtaugh, a D-Day Veteran I had the privilege of serving for a dozen years or so before his passing. I remember him telling me he literally pissed in his pants as he ran up the beach in Normandy. I found his obituary online. He had an amazing life and I’m fortunate to have known him. I remember one time when I was much younger and crazier on the boat, John was north of 80 when he was struggling mightily to bring in a fish and I was snorting and stomping because I just wanted to get the boat turned around and get back on the fish. It turned out John was cranking on a double-header, both rockfish over 36 inches! I still remember how he looked exhausted and disheveled after the battle; a great memory for me!

From the Washington Post:

“John E. McMurtagh, 87, former vice president of the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, died after a heart attack May 30 at Suburban Hospital.

A well-known purveyor of convention accommodations in the District, Mr. McMurtagh worked for the Wardman Park Hotel from 1946 until he joined the nearby Shoreham, where he worked for 17 years. He retired as the Washington representative for the Chicago Convention and Tourist Bureau in 1990.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Mr. McMurtagh moved to the United States as a child and was raised in Green Bay, Wis. He graduated from St. Norbert College in DePere, Wis. and attended Georgetown University’s law school. During World War II, he served in the Army infantry and landed on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944.

The date of June 6 held a particular fascination for Mr. McMurtagh, one of his sons said, because it was D-Day and the anniversary of his high school and college graduations. His son said Mr. McMurtagh expected to die on that date. He did not, but his funeral was held then.

Mr. McMurtagh fought until the Battle of the Bulge, when his platoon was overrun and he was captured. He was sent to Stalag 12A in Limburg, Germany, where he remained until the war’s end. Among his military awards were the Silver Star, two awards of the Bronze Star and two awards of the Purple Heart.

He came to Washington after the war and went into the hotel business. He served on President John F. Kennedy’s housing committee for the 1961 inauguration. He was past president of the Hotel Greeters of America and the Hotel Sales Managers Association. He was a lifetime member of the SKAL Club of Washington, an international travel industry organization.

Mr. McMurtagh took at least one cruise per year for 22 years with his wife. He also enjoyed fishing. He was a member of St. Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church in Bethesda for 50 years.

His wife of 58 years, Kathleen A. McMurtagh, died in January. Survivors include two sons, Shawn McMurtagh of Palm Springs, Calif., and Kevin McMurtagh of Atlanta; a brother; and two grandchildren.”

Also, I can’t acknowledge Memorial Day without mentioning my favorite Vets/current Service Members:

Lt. Bill Ide, USN; Capt. Warren Ide, USN (retired); Col. Richard Marcinowskii, US Army (retired); Capt. Greg Niemann, US Army; Jack Stephan. I am very proud of all of you guys!

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Weekend Weather

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Looking good!

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1000-mile Rockfish Trek!

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This from Mike O’Brien, a Master’s Degree student at the University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Studies:

“We’ve picked up two striped bass at CBL (Maryland) that were tagged summer 2011 in the Kennebec River in Maine. 1000 miles over water. They arrived in the Patuxent less than two weeks apart. Crazy.”

Remember, for more pictures and more frequent updates, check out our Facebook page at Captain Pete’s Fishing Charters

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The Official 2014 Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Despite the fact that it still feels like January, the 2014 fishing season is upon us! I’m hoping the cold weather results in a longer, more robust run of spring trophy fish. The Spring Trophy Season opens April 19 and goes through May 15. The limit on rockfish in the spring is one fish per person, 28” minimum. When the summer season comes in (May 16), the limit changes to two fish per person, 18” minimum.

2013 was challenging as for the second year in a row, there weren’t many rockfish close to Solomons in the summer. As a result, I moved the boat to Breezy Point Marina in Chesapeake Beach where fishing was fantastic right through the middle of November. We were mostly fishing with live spot which people love. People seemed to appreciate this move to the north as it put me closer to most of my customers.

As of right now, the plan is to start the year in Solomons and fish until mid-May, then move the boat back to Breezy Point for the summer.

There are a few things that I want to do a better job of this year. First, I want to make a concerted effort to be more environmentally friendly. I am going to try very hard to recycle the large volume of cans and bottles that come off the boat every day. I have also tried to be more informed about some of the wildlife in our area. I went on a couple of tours in the off-season and I realized that I was missing out on a lot of really cool things in my own back yard that I think people would be really interested in. Did you know there are nearly 2,000 pairs of osprey in the Chesapeake Bay and that they mate for life?

I plan to ‘strongly discourage’ smoking on the boat this year. I love my customers and I want you to be around to support me in my old age and if you keep smoking, that is far less likely to happen! Further, we are all sharing an enclosed, restricted space and second-hand smoke really adds up for me over the course of a lifetime. Please keep in mind that if you or folks in your group must smoke, keep it to a minimum, stay all the way in the back of the boat and never throw the butts in the water.

Please remember to check us out on Facebook at and on our web site at I look forward to serving you in 2014 and here’s to good fishing!


Capt. Pete

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Fall 2013

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We are still here and we are still fishing!

My apologies to all for the lack of attention to this site over the past year. As many of you know, you can find us on Facebook by looking up ‘Captain Pete’s Fishing Charters’. I am very active on Facebook and post lots of pictures and updates. It’s a far easier medium to communicate with customers. I can post pictures and updates with a few steps from my phone right from the boat.

2013 was a particularly challenging year. For the second straight year there were very few rockfish within a practical distance from Solomons so most of the year the Pelican was at Breezy Point Marina in Chesapeake Beach. This presented us with some logistical challenges, but seemed to be very popular with our customers as most of them are 20-30 minutes closer to Breezy Point than Solomons. I must say that the fishing in the upper bay was fantastic this year! We had lots of rockfish, spot and blues. Live-lining for rockfish was as good as it could possibly be, limits of rockfish being the norm, from the time the spot showed up in June until they left in early November.

When the spot left, we continued to fish out of Breezy Point, mainly trolling in and near the Choptank River for rockfish. That was good until the third week of November or so and I moved the boat down to the Point Lookout area where fishing was fantastic for a few weeks. We were all disappointed that the big migratory fish never showed up this fall. There were a few caught, but mostly we caught resident fish in the 4-12 pound class. The good news was that they were pretty plentiful and were so fat that they looked like striped footballs!

In all likelihood we will once again be Breezy Point most of 2014. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Late Fall 2012

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Well, just when it looked like we wouldn’t have any big rockfish to speak of for a third straight year, it seems they fell out of the sky and now we are in the midst of the best run of big migratory fish we’ve seen in years. Virginia and the Potomac River are open until Dec. 31 and I have openings if anyone wants to try to sneak in one more trip and catch some big rock! Check out the video of us catching some nice fish.

Also, make sure you go on Facebook and ‘like’ ‘Captain Pete’s Fishing Charters’ for more frequent and timely updates.

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Big Croaker Are Back!

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Croaker fishing is fantastic right now. Come get some!

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June 3

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Fishing great yesterday. It was pretty choppy in the morning, but the wind settled down and the fish started biting! We had a few big ones as you can see. I’m hearing some reports of good croaker fishing. We begin in earnest next Saturday night.

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