I hope everyone endured this awful winter well enough. The Spring Trophy Season is right around the corner. As of today, the water temperature at Solomons Island was 39 degrees! BRRRR! This should bode well for the spring. The past few years the water temperature was ideal for the spawn very early on and as a result, the fish returned to the ocean early. The cold temperatures should postpone the spawn and keep the fish around longer. If the salinity stays low, in addition to the cold temperatures, this could be a great year for the spawn–something we could certainly use.

Mother Nature gave the fish a break this winter. I think it’s fascinating that the fish seem to have seen this brutal weather coming. Instead of moving down the coast to the Virginia Capes and into the Chesapeake, they moved down the coast no further than Ocean City, MD, then headed east. I heard rumors that the fish were 60-70 miles off the coast. The authorities seem to finally have dissuaded the vast majority of fishermen from fishing outside the three mile line. The result was that the fish didn’t get hammered the way they usually do by the Virginia Beach fleet. Hopefully they will be fresh and hungry when they get back to the Bay.

As of now, the plan is to fish the trophy season from Solomons and then to return to Chesapeake Beach for the summer. Of course, this depends on what the fish do, but I feel pretty certain this is how the season will go.

I still have some availability on weekends for prime time for the trophy season so get your group together and come fishing!

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