ALERT! Apparently I’m having trouble with email from the site so if you’ve had trouble getting in touch with me, I apologize. Please just give me a call at 301-481-1889. I will get the problem fixed as soon as I can. Thanks!

You may have guessed from my lack of posts that last fall trophy season was a huge disappointment in the Bay. It was due to the very warm weather we had. Anyway, I’m still here and I’m gearing up for spring trophy season which opens April 21. I’m betting with the warm temperatures that booking early will be your best bet. Give me a call and set up a trip!

In other news… My scientist friends tell me that last year’s spawn was a big one and here’s an article to back it up:

2011 striped bass spawn

That gives us some hope for the future. These fish should reach legal size in 2015.

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