Fishing for rockfish remains steady. We actually went chumming (see pics below) for the first time in years over the weekend. It wasn’t too bad. We caught ten nice rock we could keep. The fish wouldn’t stay with us for some reason though, and the bite petered out. We were able to catch the remainder of our fish with rubber. It was kind of crazy. Standing at the chum bucket while fishing with people who have fished with me for 15 or more brought back a flood of great memories. I sure have had a lot of great times out there on the bay, and man, we used to catch A LOT of fish chumming.

We also caught some croaker over the weekend. One night we had a fair number of fish, but they were of marginal size. Another night we had some beautiful, big croaker (see pics). We didn’t load the boat or anything, but they were pretty fish!

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